Monday, 23 May 2011

Some Time on My Own

All is quiet. My son and husband have gone to bed - in a tent outside no less. I finally have the chance to sit down and reflect.

The day has been busy, weekend tasks were disrupted and I have managed to achieve many of these during the evening. Recently I have been too exhausted to make use of evenings in this way so I am pleased with tonight's gains.

I am enthusiastic. I am trying to slow down ready for a good night's sleep. And I think I will achieve that. But I have a lot of energy. Today I have tried to focus on my son's chores too. It is important that he learns to be independent to an age appropriate level. We concentrated on reading and his cleaning hamster cage. It is challenging for me to do these important tasks when I have so much on my own agenda.

Emotionally I am much lighter than I have been for several months. The weather is good. Things I turn to seem easier. My list is easier to tick. Positives are easier to see.

Now I am feeling like I can at least see the top of the world I need to maintain myself. I need to find a balance between achieving as much as possible and looking after myself.

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