Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Final Day as a Student

Today is my final day as a student. Feels a bit weird. I have been a student almost all of my adult working life, bar a couple of months here and there.

This afternoon was the final part of my two CPAD modules which I took in order to undertake my current role as a practice teacher. My student was very kind and joined me so that I could be observed teaching her. I managed to find a gap in her knowledge so that she would find it beneficial to attend the session. The topic was eyes. We discussed the anatomy and physiology of the eye, common eye conditions in children, looked at the difference between screening and surveillance eye tests, the advantages and disadvantages of Snellen and LogMAR, referrals and recording, practise with the LogMAR book. And then the 45 minutes was up and it was time to critique my performance.

Overall not so bad: got the facts across and used a range of diagrams and practical equipment to help show what I was talking about. I incorporated the student's learning needs by questioning what she already knew and building upon that. It was a great help that she and I already have such a good relationship. But I could have used more styles of teaching and maybe have set a quiz to find out more about the student's knowledge.

So now I am no longer a student. But that is not the end of the story - mark my words I will be back!

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