Sunday, 20 March 2011

My First Blogged Essay

I found it strangely challenging to write a blog instead of an essay. I had been expecting it to be a relatively easy piece of work. I knew it was supposed to be more reflective than an essay and less academic than an essay but I found it extremely difficult to articulate my thoughts and feelings at postgraduate level without sounding "fluffy" (for want of a better word) since I felt my usual structure had been removed. I didn't feel able to express half of what I wanted to in 500 words. My feeling is that I have not gone into enough depth or been critical enough. I do not feel I managed to analyse myself in this blog. I did not reach a natural completion of feel fulfilled the way a completed essay usually feels. Although I did have the sense of relief that the deadline had been met and in plenty of time. I was also told to only provide 2-3 references which I went over. I don't really know which ones I could have removed but I sense that is a bit of the old me. At eighteen I would go out and collect loads of articles. Then I would try to find a reason to include an article in my work even though it did not belong as if to prove I had done the research. It takes a lot to let go. Even after studying at postgraduate level for nearly five years I still struggle with that habit. All in all though it was quite a relaxed assignment and I am looking forward to receiving comments from my tutors. I have 3 more essay-blogs to go so I am hoping to up my game from here!

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