Sunday, 21 November 2010

A lovely weekend

It's not been a bad weekend. Admittedly I haven't even begun to do my usual weekly big clean (and my housemates haven't stepped into the breach in my absence either) so I can tell what I'll be doing tomorrow...

Yesterday my husband and I tackled a range of jobs that were outstanding so I feel we achieved something - always makes me feel positive.

We followed it up by going to see one of his friends in a concert. I couldn't actually isolate her voice but the choir together were lovely and if you like choral music I would definitely recommend them to you: Wooburn Singers.

Today I went to a meeting for SurvivorsUK (a charity I am a trustee for) which again made me feel I had done something useful and worthwhile.

Finally this evening we went to see one of our friends for a flying visit. They have just had a baby so it was cuddles all round and a chance for our son to get excited about babies since we haven't yet been lucky enough to have one for him to brother. I really enjoyed this meeting because we haven't see our friends in ages due to hectic lives on both sides and I very much valued the chance to catch up.

So now I am rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead - including tomorrow night's cleaning!

Relaxing Times

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