Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Next step on the educational ladder

I started my Masters tonight. It's 2 years part time and luckily the first lecture wasn't so scary that I never want to return. I've done Masters level study before so I have a fair idea how challenging this course will be - though previously my study has been in the area I've been practicing which I'm sure was an advantage.

I feel bad though because this is two nights a week and I didn't know until last week what my course night were going to be - despite booking on back in May. This means my husband and mother-in-law are picking up the pieces where my diary has fallen apart and the charity SurvivorsUK I volunteer for has suddenly lost me on the night they usually meet.

This level of study could lead to excellent career prospects in future - I say could because nothing's certain in this life - but I still feel guilty about being away from my son because I have a job, I don't need this course to get a job. In the long run I may bring in a better salary because of this course but for now I am pulled away from my son and I do feel bad about it. So all in all my anxieties are around my family relationships rather than about the course. Weird huh?

Big day tomorrow
Three weeks in
Final Day as a Student

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